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Eagle Fire Inc. is a full-service fire protection firm. We engage in active partnerships with our clients to provide high-quality solutions with an unyielding approach towards results. Eagle Fire is only satisfied with incident-free outcomes.


Your Dedicated, Full-Service Fire Protection Company

Eagle Fire strives to partner with customers who value life safety and property protection above all else. We offer a full-service approach, with knowledgeable technicians who make sure you reach technical compliance. We have specialized in maintaining, inspecting, and installing fire safety equipment since 1987 and are always staying on the cutting edge of advancing safety technology.

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Our Core Values



“Operate in a safe, but timely manner; never work in conditions you deem as unsafe.” “For yourself, your team, and your customer.”



“For team members, customer concerns, and the tools and equipment involved in the task at hand.”



“Values must be demonstrated in the way you act and the way you insist others behave.”



“Pride in work and general company ethics.”



“Commitment to enhancing job knowledge.”



“A workforce ready, willing, and able to meet new challenges…all members pull together for the good of the company.”



“Learn to adapt to change with a company, work with it, not against it, if a company is to grow, there must come changes.”

Why Choose Eagle Fire

Our team has the experience, training, and dedication to give us the unique ability to service and test a wide range of fixed fire protection or life safety systems.

Eagle Fire customers look to us as their one-stop source to service all of the fire protection systems in their facilities. Most fire protection companies are only qualified to service a few types of systems or are limited to selling only a few brands. Eagle Fire can inspect and service all your fire protection equipment.

Protect Your Investment

Eagle Fire will work with you to create an ongoing inspection schedule to make sure your equipment works properly and meets applicable code and insurance requirements.

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Build Your Future

Eagle Fire’s technicians and staff are among the finest in the industry. We encourage our team members’ growth through personal and professional development to enhance the growth of our company.

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