Acquisitions and Growth

Acquisitions are a key component of Eagle Fire’s growth strategy and Eagle Fire looks forward to learning more about your business.

Eagle Fire seeks to maintain a pipeline of quality businesses that are a good match for our family. We are always looking for the opportunity to support and grow businesses that are in transition planning or seeking to go to the next level for both customers and employees.

Why Partner With Us?


Rosewood Private Investments – Family Office Investing

In 2020, Eagle Fire partnered with Rosewood Private Investments to continue to scale and enhance the Eagle Fire brand. Rosewood Private Investments is a family office investor with a more patient and flexible approach to investing.

The more flexible investment mandate offered enables Rosewood Private Investments and Eagle Fire to work together to make decisions that are best for the business, customers, suppliers, and employees. Rosewood Private Investments does not have the rushed timeline of traditional private equity which can lead to decisions that might not be best for an Owner seeking to plan their next steps.

To learn more about Rosewood, please visit them online.

Interested in Selling your Fire Protection Company?

All transactions are unique. The best way to determine if Eagle Fire is a good fit for your company is to contact us.

If you would like to confidentially contact us, please fill out this form. Your responses will go straight to our President and CEO.


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Protect Your Investment

Eagle Fire will work with you to create an ongoing inspection schedule to make sure your equipment works properly and meets applicable code and insurance requirements.

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Build Your Future

Eagle Fire’s technicians and staff are among the finest in the industry. We encourage our team members’ growth through personal and professional development to enhance the growth of our company.

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