Fire Sprinkler and Fire Pump System Services

Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe with Fire Protection Systems

As a business owner, you need to keep your property equipped to handle emergencies of all sizes. Ignoring your building codes to install a fire safety system could cost you. You might think you’re prepared to handle a small fire, but if the flames grow large enough to engulf the entire room, a small extinguisher or bucket of water simply won’t cut it.

Without a proper protection system installed in your building, it would be nearly impossible to put a large fire out. If you have a sprinkler system in place but it’s old and out of date, you can put people at risk if it doesn’t go off, or accidentally flood your building if it does.

What you need is a fire sprinkler and pump system that you can rely on.

Eagle Fire is a one-stop source for all types of fire safety systems. Our technicians are trained and experienced in designing, installing and servicing multiple fire sprinkler systems. With our knowledge and expertise, we can keep your system up-to-date and fully functioning.

Fire Sprinkler & Pump Equipment for Your Company

Every building is unique and requires its own fire safety solution. If a fire breaks out, you need a system that will cover the entire area, including hard-to-reach places. The technicians at Eagle Fire are trained to examine your building and create a personalized plan using a suitable fire sprinkler system and advanced fire pumps.

If you already have a system in place but it’s old and malfunctioning, our technicians can repair anything broken or upgrade the system to something more modern. Whatever your building needs to keep people safe, we can figure out a solution.

Our technicians will determine the best way to keep your equipment running for a long time.

spigot for fire protection systemEagle Fire installs and services several types of sprinkler systems, including:

Based on the type of sprinklers you want and what your building needs, we’ll create a system that matches. We install both horizontal and vertical fire pumps and have cutting-edge standpipes with pressure reducing/regulating valves (PRV).

Your new system will be perfectly built and installed to provide superior fire safety.

Fire Sprinkler Product Training and Expertise

When you work with Eagle Fire, you can rest assured knowing that your building will be taken care of by professionals in the industry with the certifications to prove it.

All of our technicians who inspect and assess water-based systems maintain National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certifications. Service Technicians must also complete Eagle Fire’s nationally approved apprenticeship program for sprinkler fitters, developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Eagle Fire’s technicians also follow training standards set by leading manufacturers such as:

Our certifications combined with years of experience in the field give us the knowledge and capabilities necessary to properly install and service fire safety products and equipment.

Safety Experts and Equipment You Can Trust

Your customers, employees and commercial property should all be protected from harm, which is why you need to invest in a fire protection system with suitable technology.

Don’t settle for a cheap install that has malfunctioning sprinkler heads or low-pressure pumps. Eagle Fire’s leading equipment is quality-made, durable and installed by our industry professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the field.

If there’s a room in your business that handles delicate items like artifacts, computer technology or paper documents, our technicians are specially trained to inspect and install special hazard suppression systems. Your valuables will be safeguarded while the fire is put out.

We follow all safety guidelines and industry standards when setting up your system to ensure that it’s up-to-code and fully functional.

Contact Your Local Fire Professionals

When you need an effective fire safety system to protect your commercial property and everyone in it, Eagle Fire can help you find the best fit. We have multiple fire sprinkler and pump systems that can be custom designed and installed for your building.

Eagle Fire provides fire sprinkler and fire pump system services to business owners in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and beyond – all across the Southeastern United States.

Contact us online or give us a call to set up an initial consultation.

Protect Your Investment

Eagle Fire is dedicated to collaborating with you to create a comprehensive inspection plan and schedule, ensuring that your equipment functions optimally while adhering to the pertinent code and insurance regulations.

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