Fire Protection Services for Data Centers & Server Rooms

Fire Protection for a New Age

Data centers and server rooms are relatively new concerns for fire protection. This technology is key to housing hundreds of terabytes of data and keeping digital operations running smoothly. Any compromises within the server space can lead to massive, far-reaching problems.

Because of the seriousness of the situation, fire protection has had to evolve with the technology. Eagle Fire’s technicians have evolved as well, and have become experts in protecting data centers and servers from potential fire damage.

Trained to Protect Your Data

Thanks to our continued efforts to constantly learn about new technologies, our team has gained the experience to install, repair, and maintain fire suppression and detection equipment to protect your valuable data center or server room.

Eagle Fire has years of knowledge in the protection of electronic systems and data servers. We have extensive experience with waterless special hazard suppression systems such as CO2 and FM200. We also know how to install pre-action sprinkler systems and VESDA. We perform regular maintenance checks and repair any damages we see.  This way, you can worry about one less problem in your busy life.

Our Team Members can design and install your system to be effective and responsive in higher challenge areas. We have experience in both large data centers and smaller server rooms. While part of our mission is keeping your people safe, we also strive to protect your technology and the information it holds.

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When your data center or server rooms needs to the best protection from fire hazards, you need the best fire and life safety firm. Contact Eagle Fire to begin planning your fire protection system. We offer our services throughout the South Atlantic region, including:

Fire Safety Services

Fire Sprinklers & Fire Pumps

Fire Alarms

Special Hazard Suppression Systems

Protect Your Investment

Eagle Fire will work with you to create an ongoing inspection schedule to make sure your equipment works properly and meets applicable code and insurance requirements.

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Build Your Future

Eagle Fire’s technicians and staff are among the finest in the industry. We encourage our team members’ growth through personal and professional development to enhance the growth of our company.

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