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Protecting History’s Greatest Treasures

Museums are home to some of the most priceless pieces of art and irreplaceable artifacts from history. On top of that, hundreds of people visit every day to view your exhibits. As such, safety and security are of the utmost importance in these necessary buildings. When looking for the best fire safety and protection systems, you need to find a team that can not only install and maintain the equipment but can also protect the precious items in your care.

Fire protection in museums and historical properties is handled with the most care and sensitivity by Eagle Fire technicians. Protection within these properties is important when it comes to preserving important data, artifacts, and exhibits. While our main concern is to keep staff and visitors safe, Eagle Fire will make sure to protect all property within by catering your fire protection system to meet those needs.

Eagle Fire has the ability to reduce smoke contamination and damage to artifacts caused by sprinkler and fire hoses. This is because our technicians bring decades of experience and training to every project. Our goal is to work within your unique field and provide the absolute best fire protection services. Whether you need an upgrade to your fire sprinklers, your fire alarms need repairs, or your special hazard suppression systems need their regular maintenance, Eagle Fire has the team for the job.

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Eagle Fire will work with you to create an ongoing inspection schedule to make sure your equipment works properly and meets applicable code and insurance requirements.

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