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When you own a business, nothing is more important than creating a safe environment for both customers and employees. There should be preparations in place to handle any emergency situation. If a fire were to break out and you don’t have the necessary equipment, it puts everyone’s lives at risk and can seriously damage your building and reputation.

Different industries call for different fire protection solutions. You don’t want fire sprinklers in a small local library or only a handful of extinguishers for an entire manufacturing plant. An ineffective safety plan is just as bad as not having one at all.

What you need is a comprehensive fire protection plan that’s tailored to your specific business requirements and the layout of your building.

Eagle Fire is a nationally known fire protection company that’s dedicated to providing the highest level of fire safety for every client serviced. Our consulting services will work with you to create a system that’s specific to your needs.

You can protect your people and safeguard your livelihood with a customized fire safety plan that’s designed, built and installed by professionals.

Dependable Fire Safety Consulting Services

Having a proper fire protection system in place is crucial to keeping your business, employees and customers safe from harm. Don’t settle for a cheap hook-up or try to install one yourself – trust in professional fire safety services to take care of you.

At Eagle Fire, the mission is to ensure absolute safety for both people and buildings. That’s why we have a professional Fire Protection Engineer (P.E.) on staff to consult with for fire safety services.

When you’re in need of a reliable fire protection plan, we’ll set up a consultation so you can talk to the P.E. and other experienced technicians. Eagle Fire takes the time to learn your fire safety requirements to create a system that works for your commercial building.

eagle-fire-employees-reviewing-fire-protection-plan-for-a-new-projectOur consulting process includes:

Knowledgeable on All Types of Safety Equipment

No matter the size of your commercial space or the industry of your company, Eagle Fire has a fire protection system to match what you require. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle all types of fire safety equipment and technology.

Eagle Fire can design, install and service several fire protection systems, including:

Fire Alarms: When a fire breaks out on your property, it is essential to have a detection system that not only senses the fire, but also alerts everyone in the building. This life-saving technology should be fully functional at all times to guarantee safety, which is why Eagle Fire’s specialists are trained by leading manufacturers to install and repair all types of fire alarms.

Fire Extinguishers: If your company needs an effective way to handle small fires, fire extinguishers are a hands-on, easy-to-use solution that will stop the flames before they grow. Eagle Fire can fully equip your commercial space with brand new extinguishers, recharge your current ones or replace your damaged or expired ones.

Fire Sprinklers & Pumps: Fire sprinklers are an efficient solution that can put out fires all throughout your property. Eagle Fire’s technicians will take note of your building’s layout to design a system that covers every inch. We provide all types of systems, including wet, dry, electric and double interlock pre-action.

Special Hazards Suppression Systems: Will water cause more damage? Eagle Fire has a comprehensive line of special hazard protection systems for industries that handle chemicals or other substances that need a different approach to fire safety. We can install or repair everything from dry and wet to halon and carbon dioxide.

After consulting with the P.E. and other specialists, you can decide which system is the perfect fit for your building.

Trust Your Local Fire Protection Experts

As a business owner, the health and safety of your customers and employees should come first. The best way to guarantee that is with a fire safety system that will protect them if a fire ever breaks out on the property.

When you work with Eagle Fire, you’re working with professionals in the industry who know all there is to know about fire safety for commercial businesses.

Our experts have worked with every type of industry, including Fortune 500 companies, government entities, private business, commercial real estate brokers, insurance companies and more.

Eagle Fire’s technicians go through extensive training to be able to handle all types of fire safety equipment. They are certified by National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) and other leading manufacturers such as Fire Notifier, Keltron, Pyrotronics and more.

With all of this training and hands-on experience, you can trust that we know the ins and outs of fire safety equipment and can give you the advice you need. Your new system will reach all local, state and federal standards.

Valuable Consultations When You Need One

If you’re on the market for a fire protection system to safeguard your commercial property, come consult with a professional. Eagle Fire’s technicians have years of experience in the fire safety industry and know what it takes to keep a building secure.

Every business can benefit from talking with a professional who knows what it takes to protect your building from a fire. Eagle Fire serves a wide variety of businesses across the Southeastern United States, including companies in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

You can protect what matters most when you work with a company that cares. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or over the phone.

Protect Your Investment

Eagle Fire is dedicated to collaborating with you to create a comprehensive inspection plan and schedule, ensuring that your equipment functions optimally while adhering to the pertinent code and insurance regulations.

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At Eagle Fire, our technicians and staff represent the pinnacle of excellence in the industry. We actively foster our team members’ growth by nurturing both personal and professional development, thereby contributing to the ongoing expansion and success of our company.

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