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Facility Executives, Operators, and EHS Managers

You’re the one responsible for critical facility systems that protect people and your organization’s work from fires and breaches.

Eagle Fire supports you with a full range of fire protection and life safety services. Specializing in inspection, testing, service, design, and installation.


Your Trusted Source for Fire Protection & Life Safety

Since 1987, customers have trusted us in a broad range of critical facilities including hospitals, power generation plants including nuclear, chemical plants, data centers, college dormitories, and many others.

Eagle Fire serves organizations committed to protecting lives, operations, facilities, and assets.

We back you with the expertise, prompt responsiveness, highly professional work, and the compliance documentation you need.

Fire Protection, Safety Inspection, System Design, & Installation Services


Service & Repair

Installation, Design & Build

Fire Alarm & Monitoring

Special Hazard Systems

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Pumps


Fire Extinguishers

Core Values

What We Believe



“Operate in a safe, but timely manner; never work in conditions you deem as unsafe.” “For yourself, your team, and your customer.”



“For team members, customer concerns, and the tools and equipment involved in the task at hand.”



“Values must be demonstrated in the way you act and the way you insist others behave.”



“Pride in work and general company ethics.”



“Commitment to enhancing job knowledge.”



“A workforce ready, willing, and able to meet new challenges…all members pull together for the good of the company.”



“Learn to adapt to change with a company, work with it, not against it, if a company is to grow, there must come changes.”

Why Choose Eagle Fire

We Are Certified:

Eagle Fire stays on the cutting edge of advancing fire and life safety technology. Our team members are licensed and certified by numerous organizations including NFPA, NICET, IMSA, UL, 3M Scott Fire & SafetyAir, and more. Our business is also WBE, SBE, ACDBE, and NC HUB certified. Our qualified safety specialists are backed by verified compliance reporting, making Eagle Fire the best choice for all your fire and life safety needs.

We Are Experienced:

Our team possesses an unparalleled combination of experience, training, and commitment, enabling us to proficiently service and assess an extensive array of fixed fire protection and life safety systems.

We Are a One-Stop Source:

Clients regard Eagle Fire as their comprehensive solutions provider for maintaining all fire protection and life safety systems within their facilities. Unlike most fire protection enterprises, which are restricted to servicing a limited selection of systems or confined to offering a few brands, Eagle Fire is adept at inspecting and maintaining the full range of your fire protection equipment.

A Fire and Safety Services Company Focused on You

Protect Your Investment

Eagle Fire is dedicated to collaborating with you to create a comprehensive inspection plan and schedule, ensuring that your equipment functions optimally while adhering to the pertinent code and insurance regulations.

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Build Your Future

Our technicians and staff represent the pinnacle of excellence in the industry. We actively foster our team members’ growth by nurturing both personal and professional development, thereby contributing to the ongoing expansion and success of our company.

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Empower Your Business and Legacy

At Eagle Fire, we are committed to providing the highest quality fire protection and life safety services to our clients. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we seek to acquire businesses in the fire protection and life safety industry that share our values and dedication to excellence. If you are considering selling your fire protection or life safety-related business, we invite you to contact us. 

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