Fire Protection System Service and Repair in Charlotte, NC

Keep Your Safety Systems Operating Efficiently

Your fire protection system is an essential part of your commercial building’s design. No one wants to anticipate a fire breaking out on their property, but it can happen regardless. If your equipment and devices aren’t working correctly, you can put your employees and customers at serious risk.

Neglecting to keep up with your fire safety system can have huge consequences. Empty extinguishers and broken sprinkler heads can’t effectively keep you safe. If you notice your equipment is malfunctioning, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Eagle Fire is a 24-hour on-call emergency service that can fix your systems when they break down. Our technicians are trained to service all types of fire protection equipment and can get them working efficiently.

Eagle Fire can inspect, service and repair your fire protection system so you can protect what matters.

Professional Maintenance and Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

A working fire protection system is important to keep your people and property safe. If there is any faulty fire safety equipment in your facility, our technicians can fix it.

Eagle Fire’s repair services involve inspecting your current devices to determine what’s wrong and creating a personalized solution to get you up and running again.

With decades of training and on-site experience, our team of professionals can hook up and maintain all types of fire safety systems in various industry facilities. As part of our maintenance service, we also provide system upgrades to bring your equipment up to date.

If your devices are beyond a quick repair, Eagle Fire’s installation services can give your Charlotte company a brand new fire protection system fit for your building and industry.

Don’t risk your business’s safety with malfunctioning equipment. Keep your systems functional and efficient with Eagle Fire’s maintenance and repair services.

Fire Safety Equipment We Service

technician working with fire protection equipmentYour property is unique to your company, which is why it should have a fire protection system that’s specific to the building. Regardless of what system you have, Eagle Fire has the knowledge and training to service and repair malfunctioning technology.

We provide repair services for all types of equipment, including:

Fire Alarms: 

Your monitoring system is what alerts people on your property that there’s a fire – if it’s not working, it puts everyone in danger. Our 24/7 response team can repair your alarm technologies as soon as they stop working. We handle both conventional and digital equipment.

Fire Extinguishers:

Handheld canisters have an expiration. If you don’t replace or service them in a timely manner, they could lose their pressurization or turn to goop. Eagle Fire will service broken extinguishers, charge dead ones and replace old ones for you.

Fire Sprinklers & Pumps:

Regardless of if it’s a single sprinkler head or the entire pump system, Eagle Fire can examine your fire sprinklers and service any broken parts.We look at wet, dry, electric and double interlock preaction systems.

Suppression Systems:

If your company manages dangerous chemicals or other hazardous materials, it’s important for your suppression system to work properly. We’ll repair your system to make sure it’s fully equipped to handle special hazards.

Trustworthy Fire Safety Technicians

If your fire safety equipment is not functioning as it should, you need to get it looked at by professionals who know your industry. Malfunctioning and outdated devices will not protect you as they should.

Eagle Fire’s technicians are factory trained to service Engineering Systems Technology (EST), Fike Notifier, Keltron and all other types of fire technologies. They are knowledgeable on both legacy and current systems and can keep them in tip top shape.

All quick fixes and system upgrades will be handled with precision and care. You can rely on our technicians to repair your equipment and improve efficiency. They’ll treat you and your Charlotte business with respect on and off site.

With fully functioning fire safety equipment, you can keep your operations secure.

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Charlotte Fire Protection Services Keeping You Safe

Don’t let your fire safety systems fall into disrepair. Eagle Fire can service your equipment and get them operating efficiently again.

Whether you need a quick repair or entire system upgrade, our fire protection system repair services will make the necessary fixes.

Eagle Fire offers 24-hour emergency service and repairs to all commercial properties in Charlotte, NC. Rely on us to keep your equipment up to date. Contact us online or over the phone to schedule a free consultation and see what we can do for your facility.

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Eagle Fire is dedicated to collaborating with you to create a comprehensive inspection plan and schedule, ensuring that your equipment functions optimally while adhering to the pertinent code and insurance regulations.

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